Bing, and his laid back country cool, is the counter-balance to Holli's intensity. Bing is happy to be the sidekick, the tireless cheerleader, and the silent hero, when necessary.

In my head, Bing looks and sounds much like Bradley Cooper in the latest remake of "A Star is Born." If you have not seen the movie yet, watch it. Watch it now.


More about the character:

Holli’s younger brother, Bing, was a high school baseball star who lost his scholarship to Murray State College after a cheating scandal. Bing has a five-year-old son, runs a handyman service, and is in love with Holli’s on/off best friend, Barbie.

FUN FACT: Holli and Bing got their names because their mother’s favorite movie is “Holiday Inn” starring Bing Crosby.


Bing Davis (Holli’s Brother) Inspiration Board