Buck stands between Holli and Barbie and thier llifelong friendship--probably not a position any man would like to remain.

The scene below has been deleted from the novel ... for now. One of my workshop partners found the arrival of Buck a little too coincidental to be believeable. Sad to say, I had to agree. Parts of this scene may appear again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a peak into Buck and Holli's emerging relationship.


Deleted Scene from Chapter Two:

“The Jenkins’ foal is sickly. I was on my way over to check on him, saw Bing’s truck, and…Wasn’t sure what I saw but thought I should make sure y’all were okay.”

Every time I see Buck, I swear my heart beats to the rhythm of Big and Rich’s “Save a Horse [Ride a Cowboy].” Even now, seeing him here in the field after the worst night of my life, the “dah, dah, da-dah, da-da-dum” of the song’s intro and images of our one night together flash through my head like a porn slideshow. I feel the need to fan myself and blush all at once.

Then he shocks my hair straight by kissing me full on the lips. In front of Bing. In public. Okay, a near-empty field, but a passing drone could see.

I stand rooted to the spot. I couldn’t move even if the entire OU defensive line was trying to sack me. Yep, Buck’s the sourdough bread to my bread-and-butter pickles.

Bing stares at me.

I blink, or I mean to.

“So he’s off to save a horse.”

I touch my fingers to my lips. “Ride a cowboy.”

“What?” Bing laughs. He laughs so hard tears stream down his face.

I nod, or I mean to, and I must have made an odd noise because Bing slaps me on the back as if I’m choking.


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