Holli has such a strong voice she demanded--and not politely--that I write the novel in first person so she could tell the story her way.

Sometimes she surprises me by what comes out of her mouth, but golly, is she ever fun to write!


More about the character:

Holli is a travel writer and professional blogger for her website, HolliDayRambler.com. She loves her grandmother, Merry, more than anyone, has impulse-control problems, is snarky and observant, and has a tendency to get herself into trouble.

Deleted lines:

(Not nearly as dramatic or as large as the one involving Buck, but I like how it demonstrates her character.)

Maybe I should skedaddle over to Barbie’s salon-spa before tonight’s shindig at The Artesian in Sulphur. I would for sure go—as my nails look like the wrong end of a wood chipper—especially if I could manage a trip to Barbie Dahl’s without running into my ex-BFF herself.


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