A PRETTY PICKLE is my current work-in-progress and my darling baby.

I know, I know, you are not supposed to pick a favorite, but at this moment, I have a particular fondness for Holli and for the muddled mess has gotten herself into.

Along with her merry band of rednecks—Barbie, Bing, and Buck—Holli struggles through the highs-and-lows of relationships (friends, family, and romance), the drama of misunderstandings, and the ramifications of her quick temper and the resulting poor choices.

What delcious fun!


photo courtesy of Monika Grabkow on Unsplash

photo courtesy of Monika Grabkow on Unsplash

A Pretty Pickle: A Novel

Thirty-year-old travel blogger, Holli Day Davis works hard, parties harder, and holds nothing back.

After sleeping with her best friend's estranged husband Buck, Barbie threatens to reveal Holli's twelve-year-old secret—a teenage prank gone wrong—which could ruin her career and devastate her family.

Holli also discovers her grandfather's shenanigans include stealing money from her grandmother—who dies and literally takes the mystery's key to the grave with her.

Hog-tied by blackmail, retribution, and love, Holli must decide how to appease Barbie, how to derail her grandfather, and how to get Buck naked again.

Meet the Characters

When I write, I like to use inspiration boards as visual aids to help me imagine the people and places that populate my stories—like brainstorming with pictures.

Enjoy exploring each character’s page with tons of images and interesting tidbits.

And, yes, “setting,” if done well, is as much of a character as the breathing ones (imaginary people, I know, but work with me here. *wink*).

Visit the Locations

Take a virtual tour of some of the towns and places which appear in the novel: Ardmore, Tishomingo, the Chickasaw Cultural Center, and more.

Also enjoy entertainment by Oklahoma natives Blake Shelton and Toby Keith.

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